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    Transformer Cooling Fan Controls
    Fluidix Model FAC-5051

    The controls are provided in single stage or two stage fan start cooling. Controls are available in different voltages and different applications. Control cabinets are made from heavy gauge steel to NEMA-4 specification and are available in both regular and stainless steels. The cabinets are available with a heater and temperature thermostat. Complete transformer monitoring and temperature controls can be provided with the cooling fans.

    Custom Transformer Control Panels

    We can design and build special control panels for transformers and related substation equipment and other custom applications.

    This panel, Fluidix Model FAC-5235S, was designed and manufactured for a two stage fan control cabinet to accommodate 14 fans first stage and 14 fans second stage.

    For more information regarding custom transformer control panels please contact us with your specific requirements.
    Fluidix Model FAC-5235S

    Electrical Equipment Instrumentation

    Fluidix provides temperature, pressure and flow instrumentation for transformers, breakers and other electrical equipment.

    For more information regarding these products please contact us with your specific requirements.

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