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    Transformer Cooling Fans
    Fluidix FAC Series

    The Fluidix Cooling Fans are designed for long and dependable service for use in cooling transformers and other equipment. The Fluidix Forced Air Cooling (FAC) Fans are intended mainly for outside use and are designed and manufactured to withstand harsh weather conditions. They have an excellent performance record and proven reliability.

    All Fluidix Cooling Fan Guards are finger-proofed, hot-dip galvanized or stainless steel and meet OSHA specifications.

    The Fluidix Fan Motors are UL/CSA approved. They are totally enclosed and weatherproof. Designed for continuous duty at maximum ambient temperature and are built with an automatic Temperature/ Overload protection. The motors are painted with high quality outdoor two-part epoxy, minimum thickness 3 mils.

    The motors are available in single and three phase in different voltages and speeds.

    One-piece cast aluminum as well as mild and stainless steel blades are available in various diameters. All blades are designed to accommodate the different cooling applications and provide maximum air movement (CFM) at low noise levels.

    All cooling fans can be installed at any angle or position to meet customer requirements. They can be mounted on the transformer-cooling radiators or on floor stands.

    Ask for Brochure No.607 for more information.

    Model FAC-264FM
    Model FAC-262FM
    Model FAC-244FM
    Model FAC-164FM
    Model FAC-264FMSS
    Stainless Steel Blade
    Model FAC-244H
    High Velocity & CFM
    Model FAC-441
    Radiator Mounting
    Pivotal Arrangemnet

    • Control cabinets
    • Gauges & Thermometers
    • Weatherproof cabling
    • Mounting hardware
    • Motors
    • Fan blades
    • Fan guards

    Exhaust, Make-up air and air circulation special fans are available for subways, mines, process plants and many other applications.



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