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    Portable Oil Filtration & Oil Condtioning Systems
    Fluidix Model OLF-1000 Series

    The Fluidix OLF-1000 Series portable oil filtration systems are designed for easy use in areas where access to oil filled equipment is limited. These self-contained portable systems can be used to process oil in transformers, breakers, turbines, compressors and other equipment. They are available in different flow capacities from 5 to 30GPM.

    The Fluidix OLF-1000 series include a dual-purpose multiple layer media filter, which is designed to remove solid particulate and absorb emulsified water.

    Single chamber systems are available at different capacities:

    Model OLF-1001 Flow Capacity   5 GPM
    Model OLF-1002 Flow Capacity 10 GPM
    Model OLF-1003 Flow Capacity 15 GPM

    Ask for Brochure No.606 for more information.

    Fluidix Model OLF-1003
    Model OLF-1003

    Two chamber systems are available at different capacities:

    Model OLF-1004 Flow Capacity 20 GPM
    Model OLF-1005 Flow Capacity 25 GPM
    Model OLF-1006 Flow Capacity 30 GPM

    The above Portable Oil Filtration systems consist of two filtering chambers, which can be used individually, in series or in parallel.

    The two chambers can be used in parallel, using either a 3.0 or 0.5 micron filter element.

    For better nominal solid particulate removal efficiency a 3.0 micron filter element is used in the first chamber and 0.5 micron in the second chamber. The filtration capacity in this series arrangement reduces the flow by 5 GPM.

    Either filtration chamber can be used individually if required and the pump can be used by itself, if pumping from one container or vessel to another is the only operation required.

    Ask for Brochure No.605 for more information.

    Fluidix Model OLF-1004
    Model OLF-1005
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