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    Trailer Mounted Oil Filtration Systems
    Fluidix OLF-2005 Series
    The OLF-2005 series of Trailer Mounted Oil Filtration systems are designed to include all the necessary features required for oil processing, retrieving, flushing and refilling of transformers, circuit breakers, voltage regulators, switch gear and other oil filled equipment.

    The systems are self-contained. They are completely road-mobile and easy to operate. They contain an oil holding tank, which incorporates a clean oil compartment and two filtering chambers, which can be used depending on the model, individually, in series or in parallel.

    The particulate and water removing Filter Elements, can process the oil to the specific requirements.

    OLF 2005 NU
    OLF 2005 DA
    OLF 2005 NU
    OLF 2005 PE
    OLF 2005 DA
    Oil processing operations include:
    • Circulating oil from the Holding Tank through Filter Chambers A and/or B.
    • Circulating oil from Electrical Equipment Chamber through Filter A and/or B.
    • Oil Filtering Electrical Equipment from an oil tanker, drums or the holding tank.
    • Pumping old oil from equipment to oil discarding container.
    Benefits in Filtering the Oil:
    • Extends oil life and reduces cost of fluid disposal.
    • Removes particulate contaminants and emulsified water.
    • Maintains dialectic strength and properties of insulating oil.
    • Reduces downtime due to equipment failure.
    • Prolongs contact life and replacement.
    • Very easy to handle and operate.
    • Increases equipment life.
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